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Saturday, May 12, 2012

List down wedding preparation

Salam Dear b2b....

lame btl menyepi dri menulis blog ni...korang rindu x...cpt ckp rindu...kes ugut ni...hehe...ok, skang ni tinggal exactly 50 days to go until our BIG DAY.....really big ok...hehe...Ya Allah...takut berdebar, excited sume bercampur...within hectic period ni...time management sgt penting...i used every single minute to do something related to our wedding...mostly DIY project la kan...i did on my, sgt la x cukup mase...sbb tu asyik xde mse nk tulis blog je...hope that i can spend some time to update consistently...

what i done so far...

Bilik Pengantin :

1) cadar done
2) langsir done
3) bed side lamp half done
4) DIY project done
5) cat  da beli tp blm start cat ( will done by BIL )
6) carpet lum cri
7) furniture done

Baju pengantin perempuan :

1) da tempah kat PKNS shah alam -collect 15/5/12
2) Beading half done by me
3) Veil lum start pape pn lg DIY by me
4) tudung selendang blum cri lg

Khemah &  catering :

1) Done and depo paid -khemah rm 500, catering rm3600

Baju resepsi n pelamin, makeup n such :

1) Done and depo paid -rm 200

Bunga telur, Doorgift n etc

1) Done buy at nilai 3
2) VIP doorgift blm start deco lg.
3) Basket for VIP done by auntie
4) Barang nk isi lum lg siap - 2 weeks before will do

Document :

1) HIV test done
2) Borang Lelaki done
3) Borang perempuan pending
4) Interview pending

Deco n etc :

1) Langsir da tempah n done
2) Cat interior n exterior da beli tp lum cat lg
3) Red carpet sponsor by my bro
4) Walkway DIY by me - pending
5) PA system n deejaysponsor by my sis
6) Kompang done book
7) Homestay done book

Everything must settle within a month...nervous seriously..i wish i had extra 24 hour compare to others...ok...nk sambung keje...

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