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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage details

Salam Beautiful Ladies..

i just wanna share the details that should be have on old vintage wedding theme..da namenye vintage of course la brg2 mst la nmpak rustic, unpolished some stuff yg besenye mst ade dlm vintage wedding la...for those who opted for modern vintage still can add some but blend well with the colour palatte u choose coz modern vintage more on vibrant only some reference for u all to add on.. klu ade yg terkurang i'll add on later ok..maybe u'll can add some idea can drop comment..sharing is sexy dear ;)

1) Antique Bottle for centrepiece

antique bottles

2) Birdcage for centrepiece or decoration

Vintage Bird cage wedding decor

3) Handwritting sinange

4) Antique Telephone

5) Antique Vespa, bicycle

6) Antique type writter , books

Old books.

7) Antique brooch handbouquet, pearls detailed

8) Lace detailed

9) Parasol

Paper Wedding ParasolsVintage Lace Wedding Parasol by Pink Frosting

All pic source from Modern Wedding , Manolo for the home , loop event art & interrior, Ruffled, Event Angle, skinny love blog, sugar love wedding blog, shoogie blog , nuwoo gift idea , wedding by color and mr google


  1. suke la vintage2 ni..dlm byk2 gambar cuma ade yg gambar last tu..hehe..

  2. kina : haha..lace like 2 :)


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