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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Salam gorgeous b2b

Da lme x blogging since raye ni kn...ble da rye, x ingt da wed actually donno where to start..firstly decide theme..yeke? hentam je la..da puas meng-google da dpt ape yg menepati cite side will more on modern vintage wedding...mmg cantik tgk old vintage but hardly to find vintage stuff to meet my demand...i focused more on decoration to express the theme cm antique typewritter, telephone, books ,vintage glassware, rustic look stuff  and etc...i know, i can depend on wed planner but i afraid with the cost..i dont think i can afford to hire wed only student tp punye impian yg sgt tinggi...haha..ambek kau..i know, melampau kn..but its my dream..once in a lifetime kn..pray for me make my wish come true...planning own wed without spent too much must be challenging right...Impian+budget ciput.= my i need to google more to find the right choice, the best deal, first of all..i'll show u what basically my wedding will look like..

Turquoise Blue and Chocolate Brown Wedding Theme

Turquoise Blue and Chocolate Brown Wedding

Turquoise Blue and Chocolate Brown Reception
Source from here colour palate will be turqouise + brown+ white/cream to soften the colour a little bit...i'll discuss about it wif mr fiance... 

ok..till then my dearie ;)


  1. ijan doakan dream syuhaidah tercapai..cntik da warna tema yg dipilih tu:)

  2. turquoise mmg cntik.. kita dh buat.. turquoise + yellow.. :)


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