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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

review baju nikah

Salam Dear…

Arini nk review pasal baju nikah…I luv my nikah outfit the most…why it is so special? Coz I did almost 70 % of it…starting from the design which is inspired from various sources until the beading and patch lace by my own…another 30% is  I do not sew the outfit…hantar jahit kat PKNS shah alam…but I strongly not recommended to other b2b coz there are more drama, such as delay,outcome not like expected, bahagian tgn singkat…mcm2 la…but I manage to solve by my own….i do patch lace at the top of it inspired by Shira Ayob engagement dress, flowy skirt inspired by top designer  Rizman Ruzaini, and I luv the most is butang berderet kat belakang which make me feel so sexy but still covered inspired by Bella wedding dress in Twilight Movie and the compliment with classic veil-mantila style which is full border lace around the veil and by truly my idea is just pleated net that I attach at the end of my lengan baju…actually lengan baju singkat, so tuk menutup sy tambah dengan net yg sy jahit dengan pleat...but it look just nice…sy da xnk jd bridezilla mengamuk pasal bju…just think how to fix it and positive it can turn out well n it might be fashion…somehow ade yg ingat sy tempah kat designer!!  So b2b out there just think positive n u’ll be beautiful on ur big day ;) 

ok...till then dear...


  1. cntik....nsb tuan bdan pandai edit2 sana sini....xnmpak kecacatan pun...sgt cntik...

  2. YES..! think positive :) CANTIK baju tu

  3. thanx all...nk mengamuk pn x guna kan...xjd duk pikir cmne nk wat supaya nmpak cntik dlm mse yg singkat...;)

  4. by the way, utk dpt kan kain flowy mcm tu, kain bpe meter in total campur baju?guna fabric apa ya?

    1. alang atie : sy gune 4 meter kain bidang 60' hanye tuk kain sahaja...baju 2 meter...beli kain dry clean chiffon yg texture die sgt halus, baru dpt flowy cm 2..chiffon yg bese x dpt flowy cm mostly based on ur body size gak tau..try tnye pada tailor/designer braoe kain yg u perlukan...tunjuk gambar sbg contoh...


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