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Saturday, November 26, 2011

fall in luv with shera wedding dress

Salam dear....

I know ramai da tgk shera pnye wedding kn..but i still want to post about it..just for my reference nnt...mungkin blh design dr inspirasi yg sy dpt ni kn..nk hire design, i cant afford it...sob sob ;(  dpt inspiration look from designer pn jd la kn...i luv shera wed dress the most as compared to her solemnization dress die simple yet classic look...i luv the color combo, everything blend well...bese la, hatta dolmat kn..superb design la...her engagement look plak look sweet, so gud try la ambk classic look for wed kn...since my theme also modern vintage, so sure la wed dress die, i jd kn sumber inspirasi kn...

here, luv her pearl detailing ;)  

source from : beautiful nara


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